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Career Counselling

How do I arrange individual careers support?

To arrange an appointment simply get in touch with a quick email and let me know more about your needs and what you're ideally looking for in support. I'm happy to offer an initial telephone discussion to ensure that there is a good fit between your needs and my skills, free of charge. If you'd like this please include your phone number and good time to call you back to discuss.

What does a CV and/or application review involve?

The review gives feedback on how well your CV and/or application addresses the requirements of a particular advertised role, and provides tips and suggestions to make your application as successful as it can be. A single CV can be successfully reviewed in just 15 minutes, a CV and another document (e.g. application form or cover letter) in 30 minutes. This appointments can be held over Skype or via phone rather than in person if you prefer. A CV re-design service is available on request if you don't have the time to put the suggestions provided into place.

What does a mock interview involve?

After sending details of the role and your application in advance, an interview is designed around the precise role. As it's impossible to know exactly what questions or style will be adopted, the interview is designed to include a variety of interview question styles, and assess as many of the role criteria as possible. Approximately half the time allocated will be used for the mock interview, and half to analyse performance, and discuss techniques to improve performance. Video and audio recording is provided so that you can reflect on your performance afterwards. One thing to note is that the feedback provided is at a HR, rather than technical level. Although I can ask questions about 'how would you design your Year 3 classroom?' or 'What is the approach you would take to create a secure network?', assessing the technical validity of the answers is something that would require partial training in pretty much every profession! Feedback on technical questions will focus on the clarity and delivery of your response.

What does career counselling/coaching involve?

Initially, we discuss what you're looking to get out of the session, and then agree a way of working together which aims to achieve it. In coaching and counselling styles I don't 'tell you what to do' - it's joint work rather than a lecture! You know yourself better than anyone, and I can add the structure, research, theories and practicalities around career management to make the next steps clearer as they emerge from our discussion together.


Good quality careers support should be accessible to as many people as possible! Work is too big a part of our lives for only those on substantial incomes to be able to seek satisfying work lives. I'm happy to offer discounted community rates based on personal circumstance, simply get in touch and we can agree a suitable rate that suits you.

Lucy Hawkins MA(Oxon) PG Dip FHEA RCDP

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